Sier Disposables B.V.
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6718 WR - Ede
The Netherlands
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Sier only supplies through wholesalers.

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Eco Friendly

The environment is one of our greatest and most vulnerable assets. Sier Disposables realises this like no others. That is why we contribute to a better environment by means of our corporate social responsibility policy.

A large part of our product range consists of biodegradable items. Many articles are made of CPLA, sugarcane pulp, Palm, Coconut or FSC wood. But we also have biodegradable straws which are made of 100% starch. Every day we do our very best to add more sustainable articles to our product range. You can recognise our ecological products by the ‘think green’ logo.

Transport and storage
Our products are transported from the Far East by an ISO 14001 certified transport firm. This ISO certificate stands for eco-friendly business operations. Our warehouse and transport firm for the Netherlands and Belgium also hold the ‘Lean and Green Star’ for their sustainable logistics.

We also choose to print with respect for nature and the environment. Therefore, our catalogues and brochures are always produced by FSC certified printers.

We reduce our ecological footprint as much as possible and are convinced that our customers appreciate this too.